Aftermarket Income Development

Aftermarket Income Development

Dealership Development offers a complete aftermarket profit solutions program that will have an immediate effect on your front-end profits.  We offer sales training, pay plans, customized software and new, state-of-the-art appearance protection at no charge.  Our products offer better warranties to your customers as well as a quick, clean installation process that does not expose your dealership to EPA problems and does not require a service stall.

• Our paint sealant warranty offers protection for surface rust damage.

• After the initial purchase from the dealer, our warranties can be renewed by the customer at no charge offering a lifetime of protection for a one-time charge.

Simply put, our aftermarket division is designed to increase your front-end profits, service profits and customer retention. Our aftermarket experts are in your dealership on a monthly basis, tracking and training your management and staff, all while allowing your dealership the ability to offer a higher quality appearance protection product and warranty to your customer.

Why are we different?

We offer the following at no charge:

  • Ongoing, in-dealership training
  • Online 24/7 reporting
  • Perfect delivery software and training that shortens your customer delivery process
  • Better appearance protection programs for your customers
  • Increase in front-end profits

Measured results

We have online reporting tools that track your S.B.O. usage, product penetration and profits 24/7, by dealership and by individual.

Shorter and improved delivery process

Our Perfect Delivery software  is a program designed by you to assist your sales staff with a perfect delivery every time. The software is installed on each salesperson’s computer. Our Perfect Delivery software will be organized and concise, leading each salesperson through a delivery process that focuses on what you and your manufacturer want covered in every delivery. It also includes a soft-sell approach for appearance protection packages. In short, it will speed up your delivery process!

Increased salesperson retention

Our training and pay plans will generate more commission for your salespeople, resulting in higher commissions and less salesperson turnover.

State-of-the-art appearance protection chemicals


In short, better warranties for your customers and problem-free service income for your dealership!

Aftermarket Income Development
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