Dealer Owned Maintenance

Dealer Owned Maintenance

Dealership Development will build you your own customized maintenance and customer contact program. This will be done at no charge. The only time Dealership Development receives any fees at all is  when the customer buys your program and pays your dealership.

  • The dealer controls the money.
  • The dealer customizes the program and coverages.
  • The dealer decides the cost.
  • Only your dealership can do the service work.

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Meet with a Dealership Development representative and customize your maintenance program. We Strongly suggest to keep the program as simple as possible. Dealership Development already has sample programs in place for like franchises, so we recommend you refer to these programs first to help you save time and money.

  1. Review and sign the dealer agreement
  2. Meet with the Dealership Development Representative and customize your program

Information needed:

  • Service reimbursement amounts
  • The content of the email reminders
  • When you would like the reminders sent
  • Terms you would like to offer for your own customized maintenance program

Once Dealership Development gets your approval of the above information you can have the program built in 10-14 days.

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Dealer Owned Maintenance Program
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