Compliance demands are not a matter of choice any longer.

They are required by law.

How is Dealership Development different from other compliance programs?

Most compliance programs are on-line and “tell” you how to be compliant. At Dealership Development we actually come into your dealership, roll up our sleeves and execute what the government requires for your dealership.

Dealership Development’s compliance solutions division was designed from the ground up specifically for the compliance procedures and risk assessment required in automobile dealerships.

With these challenges in mind, Dealership Development’s compliance division offers comprehensive compliance audits, training and customized programs for your automobile dealership.

1. Third-Party Compliance Audits:

Audits are a requirement of any effective compliance program. Dealership Development conducts the audits for your dealership that are required by the government.

They include but are not limited to the following:

  • Safeguard Rule
  • Red Flags
  • Deal Jacket Audits

These audits help to protect dealerships against potential employee fraudulent practices and other potential litigation.

2. Solutions:

Dealership Development will use the audit findings to identify compliance issues in paperwork and/or retail processes and implement solutions specific to those issues in your dealership.

3. Ongoing Training:

Dealership Development offers both in-dealership classroom training and testing as well as 24/7 access to our E-Learning and testing on-line. This allows you to train and test your new hires before they begin employment.

4. Documentation:

All testing, training, audits and solutions are archived. This allows for easy access to your compliance program as required by the government.

5. Complaint Resolution System:

Dealership Development offers an ongoing automated complaint resolution process that satisfies government requirements and helps ensure happier customers and greater customer retention.

Our Complaint Resolution System:

  • Documents and formalizes your complaint management program.
  • Complaint types and resolution codes mirror the CFPB examination manual.
  • Allows you to record, respond, resolve and remediate complaints in an appropriate manner.
  • Enhances the customer experience throughout the product life-cycle.
  • Increases loyalty; and loyal customers spend much more on products and services.
  • Complaint management validates or invalidates policies and procedures as well as training.

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